Monday, February 8, 2010

2010 adidas Champions League Line

Here they are. The new line of adidas Champions League boots. This year they are going with a red, white, blue and gold color scheme. I'd like to think that they did that so that the US Internationals would have a good boot to match their kits for the World Cup, but I'm sure that's not it.

First up, Predator:

These are really just another color of the Predator X design. But it must be said that these are a very good-looking colorway. The predominately blue upper has a bit of a shine without being overly flashy. The red accents are just enough to stand out but remain understated. Also, a gold Champions League logo can be found on the heel of the insole. All in all, these are the same quality that you'd expect from a Predator in a classy new color.

Next, adiPURE:

Again, these are another color of the adiPURE III boot from adidas. Sticking with the theme of both the classic look of the adiPURE line and the color scheme for Champions League, this colorway is mostly white with blue accents. Then the gold stitching gives the perfect finishing touch to a classic look for a quality design.

Finally, the F50 TUNIT:

This boot is the brightest of the bunch by a longshot. The upper is a bright red with gold accents, including the pattern overlay on most of the boot. You will get noticed in these boots, no doubt. As with all the other Tunits, the boot is fully customizable and the start kit comes with FG, SG, and HG studs and comes in a very nice box to keep it all together.

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