Monday, November 17, 2008

New Product: Mercurial Vapor SL (Marine/Volt)

So, I just got our sample of the new favorite color choice of Gabby Agbonglahor. The Marine/Volt colorway of the Mercurial Vapor SL from Nike is definitely near the top of my list of color combos on the Vapors. Though it does go better with some kits than others (sorry Nani). Anyway, the colors look great, sure. But what about the boot?

Well, this is the first time that I've gotten my hands on the 'Super Light' version of the Vapor, and it is that. Even just trying it on next to my new Puma trainers, I could tell the difference. Does it make you run like the wind? I'll leave that argument up to Nike. But they are crazy light. So if you think that will make you faster (hint: it should), these boots are for you.

A few other points of interest: These boots, while very narrow on my somewhat medium widthed (and yes, I'm pretty sure I just made that word up) 10.5 sized foot, were a very good type of snug. They did however feel like they would run a bit big in length. Also, something that I hadn't noticed before I actually got the boots in my hand, the ever-so-subtle lines running along the medial side of the boot are actually raised just a bit to give you some grip for shaping shots and passes.

If you're looking for something to catch attention, and you value light-weight boots. You might have just found your next pair of boots. Although you'll need to value light-weight a lot with the premium price tag.

More Pics (sorry about the quality):

Thursday, November 13, 2008

365 Celebrates, Blaugrana, in Movember

Yeah, the title of this blog is a bit vague or let’s say multi-subjected, but maybe it grabs attention. It’ll all make sense soon enough. Or not.

There are exciting things going on around here this month and so what better way to kick it off then with a quick review of one of this season’s top jerseys. This team has scored a ton of goals this season thus far and is looking better than anyone in Europe. If you’re thinking it’s FC Barcelona then you’d be spot on!

No doubt part of their stunning success this season is due in part to the cool jersey they’re wearing. The design with the two halves blue and red is a throwback to the shirts worn in 1899 and 1999 (when they won a league title in their centenary season). So, maybe it’ll bring Barça some good luck, and it’s looking pretty good at the Camp Nou right now. 10 years after … The historic Barça shirt features a velvety team badge embroidered on the heart, Nike logo on right, LFP badge on right sleeve, and UNICEF logo on center chest. As far as the fabric goes, this one brings more than the usual mesh. It does include the Dri-FIT moisture control and wicking weave, yet it’s a double layer of it which will not only keep you fresh throughout the match but it will be more durable than other jerseys out there. Plus at $55.99 it’s an awesome deal, especially as a holiday gift.

You can sign up to get the signed Thierry Henry jersey I’m wearing, here.

As far as that thing above my lip, there’s a very good reason for it. Check this out: a few of the men folk at our fine establishment have sacrificed all sense of civility and gone mustachioed since the 1st of November or MOvember, some with more to show than others. But it’s all for a good cause, prostate cancer; though sad to say our growths have yet to spur any significant contributions to this most worthy of causes, though we shall remain ever hopeful … and hairy.

All the hopeful and the hairy will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of our outstanding company - 365 Incorporated We shall be toasting, many times we hope, to our esteemed founder, Bernard Frei, and all the hard work he’s put into getting us all to where we are today. Though, as I’m sure he’ll tell us, we’ve got a long way to go, as being 10 we haven’t even hit puberty yet. We hope to take a few snapshots of our revelry later on.

CHEERS 365!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We’re Ready for the Holidays

For us at World Soccer Shop the only thing better than a World Cup summer is the holidays. That’s why with every day that passes we get more and more excited about the 2008 Holiday Season! This year our excitement was so much that we decided to do something special, so we rolled out a cool Holiday Gift Center that’s out of this world. There you’ll find all sorts of soccer-themed gifts, and many more great soccer products which we’ve thoroughly examined and agree everyone will love getting (and giving) for the ’08 Holiday season.

One of our favorite said items was a huge seller last year, that’s why we’ve brought him back for 2008. He’s a must-have for any soccer family.
A holiday tradition with a soccer theme...

The Stubby Soccer Nutcracker

Meet Stubby The 2008 Soccer Nutcracker. He’s a delightful wooden, 7" nutcracker holding a soccer ball and standing on a field, ready to play. Plus, that great smile and moustache will make him an amusing addition to any holiday mantelpiece.