Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Unfortunately, We Will Not Have This Kit

So, I just ran across this video on the frontpage of OleOle.com. It's from back in 2005, but it's new to me.

The SpiderMan in question was Jérémie Janot of AS Saint-Étienne. Not Jonás Gutiérrez of recent Newcastle fame (see video after jump). It appears as though, on top of the obvious mask, the kit was specially made for Janot (if not only for this match).

Monday, December 29, 2008

Swerve, Power and Control: The Meaning of a Predator - Part II

The the adidas Predator Power TRX FG Cleats (Running White Metallic/Metallic Silver/Black) is here.

What’s the only thing better than power?

Yeah, more power. And so the Ninth Predator® generation range is the most accurate, lightest and most powerful ever made. The Low-profile engineered Predator® elements have been integrated into the Power Zone on top of the forefoot for even more power behind every shot, while enhanced Predator® technology in the Swerve Zone at the side continues to give shots and passes the power, swerve and accuracy that have made this the world’s most elite football boot for over a decade.

If some of the following sounds familiar it is because the Predator Swerve has similar features. That’s okay, read it again.


The introduction of SmartFoam technology (adapts to offer increased power and/or shock absorption on ball strike as your needs change throughout the match) and a re-designed PowerPulse system gives this boot increased ball spin for accuracy and masses of power when you need it. The world’s top boot gives you cushioned power and control behind every shot. How? An extra 10 grams of tungsten have been added to the PowerPulse sole to increase the power of your shots.

Predator PowerPulse

You already know about the super soft K-leather which offers added durability, lightness and a glove like fit.
But, did you know this boot provides a reengineered dynamic PREDATOR featuring POWERPULSE technology for more power, swerve and control?

You also get a 2nd density asymmetrical external heel counter for optimal comfort, fit and stability with asymmetrical loop lacing added to increase better ball contact.


The inlay of the boot has a new exchangeable Dynamic Power System for more flexibility and increased shooting power.

The Dynamic PowerPulse technology in the sole of the boot and the special hi-tech foam in the forefoot upper material make these improvements possible. The PowerPulse element filled with tungsten powder, which shifts weight toward the point of impact, enables players to put more power behind every shot. The hi-tech foam in the Predator® element ensures added power, more swerve and better ball control.

Lastly, the split outsole for the Predator Power optimizes the weight and flexibilty of the boot, while the X-Traxion fixed stud system will give you adaptable grip on any terrain.

Now that you’ve got Swerve and Power – all you need is Control to have the supreme footballing triumvirate. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let’s Play New Soccer Boot Jeopardy

Comet, Obsidian and Sapphire.

What are 3 New T90 Laser Colors which just arrived?

The Nike Total90 Laser II Firm Ground Soccer Shoes (Obsidian/White/Metallic Silver) for $189.99

The Nike Total90 Laser II Firm Ground Soccer Shoes (White/Black/Blue Sapphire) also for $189.99

And yes, the Nike Total90 Laser II Firm Ground Soccer Shoes (Black/White/Comet Red) for, you guessed it, $189.99.

If you frequently watch Alex Trebek and Jeopardy and answer all the questions – or is it question all the answers? Then you may know the rest of this. For those who don’t, here goes:

England & Manchester United's Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand, as well as Spain & Liverpool's Fernando Torres.

Who are top soccer players who play in the The Nike Total 90 Laser?


What is an innovative piece of technology which offers superior boot-to-ball contact by applying the learning from other sports?


What has been expanded on the Nike Total 90 Laser to allow the athlete to maximize shooting and passing accuracy through better boot-to-ball alignment and targeting?

Lord of the Rings

What is an epic fantasy by JRR Tolkien?


What are unique precision rings that create optimum trajectory, spin and distance control, with twisted medial rings for more aggressive contact - enhancing ball spin and swerve chances?


What is a waterproof fabric that lets sweat escape, maintaining a constant temperature inside the boot while playing?

Thanks for playing New Soccer Boot Jeopardy - Goodnight.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Why do Soccer Players Keep Changing Numbers?

It was early June of ’08 and the world was ready for some major soccer. International soccer. The European Championship was ready to roll. As the field in soccer gear sales is as competitive as the game on the field itself, we merchandisers thought it’d be quite clever indeed if we got a kick-start (notice the clever word-play there) on the competition and the subsequent demand for player jerseys by creating some customized jerseys of some of the top players to take part in the very prestigious tournament. It was sad that we didn’t get to make a slew of Beckham jerseys at that time, but there were other notable players to fill that blonde void. Cesc Fabregas and Cristiano Ronaldo are a couple that come to mind. Yet, it’s not randomly that I think of these two young aces of the English Premier League and the Iberian Peninsula. No, it is because of the headaches those two mercurial lads caused us during that summer of great soccer spectacle.

For as long as those two bright stars of the soccer galaxy have played the game, they’d worn the number 17 and 18 respectively. Yet, for some strange reason, be it prestige or be it boredom, they opted to throw their fans a curveball (pardon the baseball metaphor) and switch their numbers—and their names for that matter. Spain’s Cesc Fabregas had gone by CESC with the #18 when he played for La Furia Roja, but was apparently promoted to the #10 and this new post seemingly required use of his surname: FABREGAS. Then, the most popular player in all the land, decided the ‘C’ before his name was as useless as the ‘1’ in front of the ‘7’ he’d worn heretofore, and ditched them both like an old pair of cleats. This was the merchandising equivalent of an own-goal, leaving us with dozens of #18 CESC and C. RONALDO 17 shirts that just brought us snarky comments from browsers about how out of touch we were. Not even reducing the price helped us save face.

But why do I tell you this? Why, on such a jolly time, when the Holidays are so near and sales have been so good, do we talk of mercurial number changing? Well, it’s Julie’s fault.

You see, Julie bought an AC Milan Beckham 75 jersey and it turns out Spice Boy threw us all for a loop when he decided to not wear 75 (the number of his birth year) after all, but instead went with 32! Why 32? Why not 33 his age? No matter. Julie is angry and rightfully so. As we are we. Because we pride ourselves with great service, we will do something amazing to satisfy Julie. Yet, we are now stuck with BECKHAM 75 jerseys that look utterly ridiculous and as useless as a irrelevant as an England Euro 2008 T-Shirt (yeah, we were stuck with those as well) I feel like a little sad-faced wingding would be appropriate here, but there’s no sadness in soccer – or soccer merchandising for that mater. We will overcome this embarrassing incident with our heads held high. For Julie and thousands more soccer fans like her, most of which will get the shirt they wanted, hopefully for at least a few years, until his/her player changes numbers/names. A suggestion: stick your own name on the back of it, unless YOU plan on a name-change.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Scotland is Ready to Make a Run at South Africa 2010

And we’ve just got our hands on the Official Soccer Jersey the Scotland National Team will be sporting throughout their UEFA World Cup 2010 qualifying campaign.

The new jersey is a true combination of the latest in performance garment technology, Scottish football tradition and Italian styling and was worn by the team for the first time in the draw against Northern Ireland on the 20th August 2008 at Hampden Park. With Iceland, Macedonia and Norway, the Tartan Army is feeling pretty confident in their chances at making a summer 2010 trip to South Africa.

And we're currently selling this amazing new shirt for a meager $63.99 - so there's no reason you shouldn't be wearing one of these in support of your Scots for 08-10.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What do Vapor Citron and Charcoal have in Common?

First off, I’ll offer some definition service for anyone not well versed in fruity colors: Citron is a type of citrus tree, which describes part of the greenish yellow color in the new Vapor IVs and the Vapor SL’s.

And yes, they all have charcoal, which creates smoke when lit, which is what you’ll be doing to your opponents when you light the soccer pitch on fire in these amazing new boots - which you'll be hard-pressed to find anywhere esle!

The Breakdown, after the jump:
The Mercurial Vapor IV FG Cleats by Nike (Citron/Classic Charcoal/Metallic Silver).

Also the Mercurial Vapor IV FG Cleats (Classic Charcoal/Max Orange/Metallic Silver)).

Weighing a mere 9 ounces, with a soft, supple Teijin synthetic leather upper that adjusts to the shape of your foot, contoured speed last, covered lacing for increased strike zone, internal chassis for instant acceleration, and molded sock-liner with EVA inserts for comfort … plus the direct-injected heel studs for weight reduction, Vapor forefoot plate with multi-direction traction studs for optimum performance on firm, natural surfaces - You can't go wrong with these smokin' new boots from Nike!

Mercurial Vapor Super Light FG Cleats by Nike (Citron/Classic Charcoal/Metallic Silver).

Even lighter Carbon

Nike's newest creation is crafted almost entirely of carbon fiber, the revolutionary material used in jets that offers unbelievable strength with incredible lightness. It took Nike three years to design and produce this incredible version of the Vapor. The outsole plate is seven layers of carbon composite material interwoven with TPU and polyurethane. This eliminates the lasting board and puts the foot closer to the ground for a smooth feel. A reinforcing rib offers support. The cleats and stud tips are injected/molded to the plate for a strong, single outsole piece, which creates incredible durability. An internal heel cradle keeps your foot securely in place. This is the first boot to have a molded carbon fiber upper for incredible performance and feel. The result is a boot that weighs less than 7 ounces!

Monday, December 15, 2008

WorldSoccerShop.com's New Theme Song: Soccer Ball (In The Face) by Parry Gripp

This video is genius. Put together a bunch of clips of people taking soccer balls to the face (by itself, hilarious) and a catchy, cheesy, and funny song and you have pure comedic gold. OK, well maybe not gold, but a good laugh nonetheless.

Parry Gripp has done a few videos that have become Youtube hits (Hamster On A Piano (Eating Popcorn), Cat Flushing A Toilet, Chimpanzee Riding A Segway). But none are quite as funny as watching little kids getting hit so hard in the face by a soccer ball that their feet come off the ground. Enough said.

[Parry Gripp]

Friday, December 12, 2008

We can’t wait for South Africa 2010

That’s exactly why we’ve twisted, pushed and prodded adidas to make us this awesome new OFFICIAL World Cup 2010 T-Shirt. Okay, truth is we really didn’t have anything to do with the making of this shirt (it’d be so cool if we did) - though, as usual, we’re one of the few places on the planet where you can get this officially licensed piece of World Cup 2010 merchandise, brought to you by one of the official sponsors – adidas – who will be providing most of the gear, including the balls—which we’ll also surely be getting before anyone.

So, even though I have never blogged about a t-shirt before, I’m glad that my first time talking about something made of cotton, it’s this special product, sure to go very quickly, as these shirts always do.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Swerve, Power and Control: The Meaning of a Predator

Part 1 – The adidas Predator Swerve TRX Firm Ground Soccer Shoes (Dark Indigo/Metallic Silver/Pool)

Get on the top of the soccer food chain with the brand new Predator Swerve TRX Firm Ground Soccer Shoes from adidas

The Predator Swerve is the latest major incarnation of the iconic and hugely popular Predator soccer boot. But most importantly, it features more technology than ever before! So, there’s no doubt this new Predator will be hunting prominently across the globe in international soccer competitions and all the top divisions, right down to the grass roots.


The introduction of SmartFoam technology (adapts to offer increased power and/or shock absorption on ball strike as your needs change throughout the match) and a re-designed PowerPulse system gives this boot increased ball spin for accuracy and masses of power when you need it. Liquid Predator vamps have been added to produce extra swerve on the ball.

Predator PowerPulse

You already know about the super soft K-leather which offers added durability, lightness and a glove like fit.
But, did you know this boot provides a reengineered dynamic PREDATOR featuring POWERPULSE technology for more power, swerve and control?

That doesn’t even begin to describe it.

You also get a 2nd density asymmetrical external heel counter for optimal comfort, fit and stability with asymmetrical loop lacing added to increase better ball contact.

The inlay of the boot has a new exchangeable Dynamic Power System for more flexibility and increased shooting power.

The Dynamic PowerPulse technology in the sole of the boot and the special hi-tech foam in the forefoot upper material make these improvements possible. The PowerPulse element filled with tungsten powder, which shifts weight toward the point of impact, enables players to put more power behind every shot. The hi-tech foam in the Predator® element ensures added power, more swerve and better ball control.

Lastly, the split outsole for the Predator Power optimizes the weight and flexibilty of the boot, while the X-Traxion fixed stud system will give you adaptable grip on any terrain.

Predator Family Tree

With the launch of the Predator® Swerve - adidas is adding an exciting new chapter to the successful Predator® story.
Since first being introduced in 1994, the Predator® has been continuously further developed with the help of top soccer players, guaranteeing that it meets the highest standards in terms of design and, above all, functionality. World-renowned soccer stars relying on the new Predator® technology include: David Beckham (LA Galaxy, AC Milan), Michael Ballack (Cheslea FC), Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard Daniel Agger, and Dirk Kuyt, Patrick Vieira (Inter Milan), Marc Janko (Red Bull Salzburg), Angelos Charisteas (1. FC Nuremberg), Daniele de Rossi (AS Roma), Tranquillo Barnetta (Bayer 04 Leverkusen) and Anderson (Manchester United).

Who will join them?

While we may not be the first to have these, we are always on the top in the US market. In the future we will be offering launch dates for the top items all soccer fans want.


Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3:

Power: launches in a couple weeks

Control: launches in February

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Seattle Sounders FC Have Landed

We’re happy to have available for pre-order, the entire MLS 2009 line for the latest team to join Major League Soccer – Seattle Sounders FC

The Team

Seattle Sounders FC, the 15th team to join MLS, will begin play in the 2009 season. The name ‘Seattle Sounders FC’ was announced on April 7, 2008, along with the team logo, colors and badge design in a presentation held at the Space Needle.

The Badge

Loosely resembling a heraldic shield, the new badge over the heart consists of two layers representing the partnership between the ownership, the community, the players, and the fans. The logo incorporates the Space Needle, a universally recognized Seattle landmark.

The Colors

The official team colors are Sounder Blue, representing the waters of the Puget Sound; Rave Green, representing the forests of the Pacific Northwest; and Cascade Shale, representing the Cascade Range to the east of Seattle.

The Jersey

As most adidas officially licensed team jerseys, this one is made with ClimaCool® - the advanced material engineered to reduce heat and moisture build-up, allowing increased comfort and performance, and mesh panels – to keep you feeling fresh no matter how long the big Sounders match goes on.

The Sponsor

The jerseys features the familiar XBOX 360 logo on the center chest, representing the landmark multi-year sponsorship deal between Seattle Sounders FC and Microsoft Corp. and Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system worth $20 million over 5 years. Xbox 360 also will be featured as the presenting sponsor of the Sounders FC annual international tour and will gain entitlement to the team’s playing surface, "The Xbox Pitch at Qwest Field". Xbox 360 will be recognized as the official and exclusive video game console of Major League Soccer.

Sounders FC will debut these awesome new jerseys when the team hits the field for the first time in the Spring 2009.

But just who will be the coach of the team? Stay tuned to find out.

Video: FootballShirtCulture.com

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Product: Mercurial Vapor SL (Marine/Volt)

So, I just got our sample of the new favorite color choice of Gabby Agbonglahor. The Marine/Volt colorway of the Mercurial Vapor SL from Nike is definitely near the top of my list of color combos on the Vapors. Though it does go better with some kits than others (sorry Nani). Anyway, the colors look great, sure. But what about the boot?

Well, this is the first time that I've gotten my hands on the 'Super Light' version of the Vapor, and it is that. Even just trying it on next to my new Puma trainers, I could tell the difference. Does it make you run like the wind? I'll leave that argument up to Nike. But they are crazy light. So if you think that will make you faster (hint: it should), these boots are for you.

A few other points of interest: These boots, while very narrow on my somewhat medium widthed (and yes, I'm pretty sure I just made that word up) 10.5 sized foot, were a very good type of snug. They did however feel like they would run a bit big in length. Also, something that I hadn't noticed before I actually got the boots in my hand, the ever-so-subtle lines running along the medial side of the boot are actually raised just a bit to give you some grip for shaping shots and passes.

If you're looking for something to catch attention, and you value light-weight boots. You might have just found your next pair of boots. Although you'll need to value light-weight a lot with the premium price tag.

More Pics (sorry about the quality):

Thursday, November 13, 2008

365 Celebrates, Blaugrana, in Movember

Yeah, the title of this blog is a bit vague or let’s say multi-subjected, but maybe it grabs attention. It’ll all make sense soon enough. Or not.

There are exciting things going on around here this month and so what better way to kick it off then with a quick review of one of this season’s top jerseys. This team has scored a ton of goals this season thus far and is looking better than anyone in Europe. If you’re thinking it’s FC Barcelona then you’d be spot on!

No doubt part of their stunning success this season is due in part to the cool jersey they’re wearing. The design with the two halves blue and red is a throwback to the shirts worn in 1899 and 1999 (when they won a league title in their centenary season). So, maybe it’ll bring Barça some good luck, and it’s looking pretty good at the Camp Nou right now. 10 years after … The historic Barça shirt features a velvety team badge embroidered on the heart, Nike logo on right, LFP badge on right sleeve, and UNICEF logo on center chest. As far as the fabric goes, this one brings more than the usual mesh. It does include the Dri-FIT moisture control and wicking weave, yet it’s a double layer of it which will not only keep you fresh throughout the match but it will be more durable than other jerseys out there. Plus at $55.99 it’s an awesome deal, especially as a holiday gift.

You can sign up to get the signed Thierry Henry jersey I’m wearing, here.

As far as that thing above my lip, there’s a very good reason for it. Check this out: a few of the men folk at our fine establishment have sacrificed all sense of civility and gone mustachioed since the 1st of November or MOvember, some with more to show than others. But it’s all for a good cause, prostate cancer; though sad to say our growths have yet to spur any significant contributions to this most worthy of causes, though we shall remain ever hopeful … and hairy.

All the hopeful and the hairy will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of our outstanding company - 365 Incorporated www.365-inc.com. We shall be toasting, many times we hope, to our esteemed founder, Bernard Frei, and all the hard work he’s put into getting us all to where we are today. Though, as I’m sure he’ll tell us, we’ve got a long way to go, as being 10 we haven’t even hit puberty yet. We hope to take a few snapshots of our revelry later on.

CHEERS 365!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We’re Ready for the Holidays

For us at World Soccer Shop the only thing better than a World Cup summer is the holidays. That’s why with every day that passes we get more and more excited about the 2008 Holiday Season! This year our excitement was so much that we decided to do something special, so we rolled out a cool Holiday Gift Center that’s out of this world. There you’ll find all sorts of soccer-themed gifts, and many more great soccer products which we’ve thoroughly examined and agree everyone will love getting (and giving) for the ’08 Holiday season.

One of our favorite said items was a huge seller last year, that’s why we’ve brought him back for 2008. He’s a must-have for any soccer family.
A holiday tradition with a soccer theme...

The Stubby Soccer Nutcracker

Meet Stubby The 2008 Soccer Nutcracker. He’s a delightful wooden, 7" nutcracker holding a soccer ball and standing on a field, ready to play. Plus, that great smile and moustache will make him an amusing addition to any holiday mantelpiece.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Mourinho Welcomes Attention

The guys at I'm on Setanta Sports have done it again with a parody of Ringo Starr's fan announcement. Unlike Ringo, The Special one welcomes all the attention he can get. No big surprise here.

We here at the office love the show, and would recommend it to anyone.

Oh, and here's Ringo's announcement for a little background.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our latest Premier League Offering: Fulham

Normally we like to use this little space here to tell you about new products we got available or new cool stuff we’ve found out (like Kevin Garnett being a Chelsea fan). But, with the freedom of blogging, that’s not the only reason to put something together – like we even needed a reason.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited about our new relationship with the old London football club, Fulham FC, and thought I’d showcase some of their products which just hit our sites, in anticipation of Fulham’s first ever North American club shop—COMING SOON.

With Clint Dempsey on their current roster and having counted on such names as Carlos Bocanegra, Marcus Hahnemann, Eddie Johnson, Kasey Keller, Eddie Lewis and Brian McBride, it's clear Fulham loves Americans and thus this is a great team to support in the Premier League, for those new to the game and looking for a team.

Plus, as you can see, the Cottagers have a cool home kit, made by US-based Nike.

The 2008/09 short sleeve gameday jersey they'll be sporting at Craven Cottage includes raglan sleeve and v-neck line, club crest embroidered on left chest and Nike logo (right chest) with the global electronics company LG as the shirt sponsor (central). Moreover, it's made with NikeFIT performance fabrics designed with a complete layering system to keep players - and fans - comfortable in a variety of conditions.

The Team shorts feature elastic waistband with adjustable draw-cord, embroidered team badge and Nike logo.

And finally the kit can't be complete without the authentic socks, which include Nike logo knit-in the front and are made of 90/10 nylon/elastane for soft comfort and flexibility.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Nike Tiempo Super Ligera: Light and Classy

Why is lighter always better? Does light weight translate to performance in soccer? The fine folks at Nike seem to think so and who am I to argue, seeing as though they did invent Air.

Now, they’ve gone and turned in another marvelously lightweight boot, but no, it’s not another futuristic orange Mercurial Vapor SL that retails for as much as a house. Introducing the Nike Tiempo Super Ligera Soccer Shoes
It has to be light, since ‘Ligera’ means lightweight in Spanish. It’s everything their campaign slogan “Light on touch, heavy in class” says. And it could be added “low on price” as it goes for a modest $134.99.

When will Nike stop, when they make a boot out of clouds? Well, they’re getting there, as the Super Ligeras are 25% lighter than their stylistic predecessors, the Tiempo Legends. If you feel a certain bounce to your game, that would be the kangaroo leather all over the upper, and the TPU (I’ll explain later) outsole will give you that good footing when you come down, dive, or get tackled.

So, with all that lightness, surely it’s going to fall apart, right? No!

Nike swears durability will by no means be compromised (meaning you won’t have to spend $134.99 every month) and have even given the boots, at great personal cost, a rubberized coating around the toe area to ensure it. That ought to make any player feel pretty secure.

And like you would expect from a classically-styled boot, the Super Ligera offers a comfortable fit and excellent touch and feel. So elegant you could wear them with an Armani suit, if you were so inclined. I smell a promo idea.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself: where did Nike think up this outrageously light and classic boot? The answer is below:

Interestingly enough, these boots were created for the Asian market and in particular, the Japanese Bukatsu player. No, I had never heard of Bukatsu either. Thus, I was forced against my will to do some online research and found that Bukatsu means. In Japanese, the word "bukatsu" describes after-school club activities, which are an institution in lives of all high school students.

Therefore, when it came to the design of the Tiempo Super Ligera, Nike was interested in finding out first hand about the needs of the player. Many focus meetings conducted with Japanese Bukatsu groups later, they learned that these players needed — and wanted — a boot that was lightweight and soft. They estimated that players around the world would want similar things. But wait, there’s more: by studying wear tests, it was also determined that there was something else that they needed: durability. And that makes perfect sense, especially with the economy hurting, even in Japan. All the more so that these Japanese bukatsu players play from dawn to dusk, primarily on hard fields made of coarse, packed dirt, which, as you may surmise, are tough on boots.

WARNING: The next paragraph is hard to understand, unless you’re a footy junkie or soccer boot designer, going into specific engineering details (obscure acronyms included) on how they made these shoes. And it sounds really cool.

Designed on a new, Asian-specific footwear last, the Tiempo Super Ligera is wider than your typical soccer shoes (football boots for those outside the USA). It also has an extended throat to give the boot more versatility and variation. By identifying high-wear areas on the soccer shoes that the players used, Nike focused on these areas and screen-printed a layer of Nike Grind on those spots in order to protect the foot and strengthen the boot without adding weight. A gusseted tongue helps prevent irritation by preventing dust and sand from getting into the boot during play. Reflective elements were added in the upper for those games that take place at dusk. No daylight, no problem!


The translucent studs reveal an inner plate injected with a TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane: It can be fine-tuned for optimal stiffness and is used to make stabilizing outsoles) that provides both strength and structure while imbuing the shoe with a lightweight aesthetic. At the Nike Sports Research Lab (NSRL), players’ motion was examined, and consequently a Longitudinal Flex Groove (LFG) was incorporated. The flex groove allows the foot to flex from side to side (sounds fun), while isolating the fifth metatarsal head (not so fun), where most of the foot’s power originates.

Yes, they’ve thought of everything. Cloud boots are just around the corner.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Support your favorite candidate in a unique way

They fought it out last night, John McCain and Barack Obama on network television. I don’t know who won or lost or earned a point (I’ll admit I didn’t tune in), but regardless of whom the winner was and who wins in November, we can all cheer on our one common patriotic thread: Team USA – while wearing the name of the potential next President of the United States of America. And yes, Palin fans, we’ve made Vice-Presidential candidates jerseys as well.

Vote 2008

Because maybe one day Donovan or Adu will be awarding your Commander in Chief a similar jersey after winning the World Cup. Okay, the likelihood of that happening anytime soon is about as much as McCain winning the Boston Marathon. But it would make one heck of a statement to go to a USA match wearing one of these unique jerseys; and if you’re afraid of stirring up political uproar, buy one of each and give one to your friends, that way every party will be duly represented. Here at World Soccer Shop, we love all parties! If only we could have such harmony in Washington.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Champions League Super Hero Jerseys

Chelsea and Man United played one of the best finals matches in European Cup history in Moscow last season, and we think this year both teams will go deep into the UEFA Champions League competition. That’s why World Soccer Shop is pleased to release the official UEFA Champions League Soccer Jerseys for Chelsea and Manchester United!


Last season’s European runner up are well represented as some of their top stars – Lampard, Ballack, Anelka and Deco have official home and 3rd jerseys pre-made with their authentic UEFA Champions League names/numbers and patch. The names are all lower-case, like the ones they’ve been wearing this season and the numbers include the UEFA Champions League logo. The shirt includes the UEFA Champions League logo patch on the right sleeve, completing a hero jersey any Blues fan would treasure.

Manchester United

The 07/08 UEFA Champions League winners get special treatment here. For the Red Devils, home and 3rd jerseys have been created with many of the first team stars of the famous Double: Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez, and Rio Ferdinand have pre-customized jerseys made in their honor, with the same number/letter options we’ve already seen them wear versus Villareal and AaB. Unlike the Premier League letters, these letters include the team crest. But the coolest thing about these superhero jerseys is the patch on the right sleeve. This is the unique ‘07/08 UEFA Champions League winners patch, hard to find anywhere, and only belonging to the team who lifted the trophy on that cold rainy Russian morning of May 21st.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Blues in Town?

We just got our sample of the Manchester United Third Shirt down in Birmingham and decided to give you a little insight into the jersey that Ronaldo, Rooney, and new signing Berbatov will be wearing as the 'Red' Devils try to make their way to Rome for a return to the Champions League Final.

This blue jersey is a tribute to United's European Cup win in 1968 in which they donned blue kits. Therefore, this kit features embroidery around the badge and a throwback badge in the collar as evidence.

Aside from what you can read on United's website, the kit is very plain (surely because the '68 kits were very plain). But to be clear, this is not a 'throwback' jersey and is definitely more of a 'commemorative' jersey. So the 'AIG' logo is still on the shirt and the badge used on the front is the current logo. Also, to make sure that the likes of Tevez and Evra are in peak playing condition, the materials used for this shirt are far from the materials used in '68. The NikeFIT material feels great.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Real and Bayern Champions League Shirts

What do the Merengues and Die Roten have in common? Well, besides having the biggest trophy cases in their respective nations: Spain and Germany (both of which were EURO 2008 finalists, by the way) and are sponsored by adidas, who happen to be the merchandiser of the UEFA Champions League , and therefore have been given some special Champions League jerseys, which we just so happen to have available.

The Bayern Munich Official UEFA Champions League Short Sleeved Soccer Jersey by adidas.

Show your support for Die Roten as they make another attempt at a 5th European Cup trophy by pulling on this sweet third jersey.

The white shirt includes embroidered team badge with 4 stars over the heart, UEFA Champions League patch on right sleeve, and UCL trophy patch on left. Made of advanced ClimaCool for high-performance and moisture control whether you put it on for your own top-level matches or just to cheer on FC Bayern!

This is your Official Home UEFA Champions League Short Sleeved Soccer Jersey of Spain's La Liga Champions Real Madrid Club de Fútbol from adidas. Blancos fans will fall in love with this advanced new design for their beloved Madrid club: features a redesigned fold-over collar and more mesh than ever before
With embroidered Real Madrid team badge and adidas logo at front with screened sponsor design - also features UEFA Champions League patche on right sleeve and UCL trophy patch on left sleeve, flag on upper right chest, and comes in a special UEFA Champions League garment bag. As usual, top adidas club jerseys are made of with ClimaCool® - advanced material engineered to reduce heat and moisture build-up, allowing increased comfort and performance – to keep you feeling fresh no matter how long the big Blancos match goes on.

Show your love for Real Madrid and their 9 UEFA Champions League titles with this special edition Champions League Soccer Jersey!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Glen Johnson's Lotto Due for WC 2010

England defender Glen Johnson is kicking it with Lotto for the World Cup 2010 Qualifiers.

Last Saturday, England defender and newly signed Lotto testimonial Glen Johnson was lined up in the qualifying match against Andorra wearing the Lotto Zhero Leggenda Due Soccer Boots(White/Fiery Red). The 24-year-old the Portsmouth Captain just signed a three-year deal with Lotto, which also includes the sponsoring of the player's football school based in Kent involving over 2000 children.

After 4 years with Chelsea and winning two Premier League titles, Johnson joined Portsmouth last season, crowning the season with the 2008 FA Cup.

The signing of Johnson signifies an important partnershp which will enhance the brand awareness of Lotto not only in the UK but also at international level.

The initial result: Johnson was taken down hard in the 49th minute and the consequent free-kick led to the first England goal.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Be Nice to Your Kids

So, someone at the office needed some gifts for some relatives and look what arrived. I really wanted to post these because of the absolutely great packaging in which these little kits arrived. The England kit arrived on a hanger in a plastic bag just as pictured and the France kit is tucked away very nicely in a box from adidas, making these kids kits perfect gifts.

Also, the actual kits are so much like the real ones that you'll have to watch them to make sure they don't wonder out on the pitch (bad joke, I know). But really, the fabrics are superb and even have little mesh panels just like the big ones. The badges are embroidered on, and look great. There's no better way to trick your kids into supporting your team just like you!

More Images:

adidas “FINALE 8” Match Ball

At the Group Stage Draw for the UEFA Champions League™ in Monaco August 29th, adidas and UEFA unveiled the adidas “FINALE 8”, the official match ball of the competition. Visit the World Soccer Shop to buy one today.

Like the “EUROPASS”, the ball which was used for UEFA EURO 2008™, the ball’s new surface structure allows players to control and direct it perfectly in all weather conditions. The revolutionary PSC-Texture™, which gives the ball goose bumps, consists of a sophisticated and extremely fine structure on the ball’s outer skin that guarantees optimum grip between ball and boot.

CLICK HERE to check out the adidas Finale 8 Match Ball and get one to have for your weekend matches.

The new “FINALE 8” balls for the 2008/2009 season will be delivered to the 32 qualified clubs within the next few days. With the start of the new European season, adidas will for the third time supply the Match Balls for all UEFA Champions League™ games.

The adidas “FINALE 8” is based on the traditional UEFA Champions League™ star ball design and reflects the colors which can be seen at the different venues: indigo represents the sky, indigo metallic refers to the floodlights and rave green stands for the grass.

The “FINALE 8” was presented to the general public and the media with a giant UEFA Champions League™ logo in front of the Grimaldi Forum, where the draw took place. The giant ball, part of the famous UEFA Champions League™ logo, this time consisted of 200 “FINALE 8” match balls.

Like the “EUROPASS”, the adidas “FINALE 8” is constructed out of 14 panels using revolutionary Thermal Bonding Technology. This combined with the new PSC-Texture™ surface structure gives the “FINALE 8” its perfect handling characteristics and allows the players exceptional ball control. The unique outer skin improves power transmission, creates greater swerve and increases accuracy on the pitch, in all conceivable weather conditions. And for the goalkeeper too, providing a much better grip between glove and ball, substantially improves his catching of the ball.

adidas’ experience in football production is unequalled. adidas first began the production of footballs in 1963 and is the world’s leading manufacturer, always at the cutting edge of technology. Since 1970, adidas has provided the official match ball for all major UEFA and FIFA tournaments, including since 2005 for all UEFA Champions League™ games. The UEFA Champions League™ final has been played with an adidas ball since the 2000/2001 season. Since 2008, adidas is also the supplier of the official ball for the Africa Cup of Nations organized by the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

In the future, adidas will continue to use innovative technology to extend its world-leading position in football production and thus strengthen its position as the authentic symbol for high-performance sporting goods for professionals and amateurs alike. adidas also intends to unveil more revolutionary innovations in match ball production for the UEFA, FIFA and CAF competitions.

The new match ball has already been in retail since July 1, 2008.

Thanks to Soccer365.com for providing this information.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Man United Third Jersey

World Soccer Shop is proud to feature the special edition Manchester United Third Jersey - celebrating the 40th anniversary of Manchester United's first Eurpean Victory. On May 29th 1968, Manchester United beat Portugal's Benfica to become the first English team to lift the European Cup trophy. During that legendary match Manchester United wore all blue.

Man United Celebrate the 40th anniversary of their most historic win with the Official Manchester United FC Third Short Sleeve Soccer Jersey from Nike -

In order to defend their 07/08 UEFA Champions League title, the Red Devils were inspired by the success of 1968, when they wore blue, becoming the first English team to lift the European Cup. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of that glorious night, Nike has created a kit worthy of that great team and their famous 4-1 win over Benfica at Wembley.

The outstanding shirt features 40th Anniversary embroidered around the team badge and May 29th 1968. Manchester United's official third jersey has an embroidered Manchester United team badge and Nike logo with screened sponsor design.

A moisture-wicking weave and technology offers cool comfort no matter how hard you're cheering on Manchester United.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Product Alert: Aston Villa 08/09 Away Jersey

I just got my Brand New Aston Villa 08/09 Away Jersey. This NikeFIT jersey is very good looking. The teal they used for the main portion of the jersey is a beautiful color, and contrasts nicely with the black on the sleeves and collar. Despite having such a different color scheme, the jersey is surprisingly subtle. This gives the jersey a very classic look. Also, the "acorns" sponsor logo is just subtle enough to keep from overpowering the shirt. Last but not least, there is a nice little piece on the inside of the neck that says "Proud History * Bright Future". A nice touch for a nice jersey. The only small issue that I have with the shirt is that the badge clashes a bit with the rest of the shirt (but it would be silly to change the color of your club badge to match the rest of your jersey, right?). But overall this is a very classy jersey that I will definitely be sporting on matchday (like today).

More Pictures: