Friday, February 26, 2010

Nike 2010 Federation Jerseys

Yesterday was show & tell - today, it's time to pre-sell.

Nike has officially released the following key products for their World Cup 2010 federations:

Brazil 10/11 Home & Away Jersey,
USA 10/11 Away Jersey, Netherlands 10/11 Away Soccer Jersey, Portugal 10/11 Away Soccer Jersey, Australia 10/11 Away Soccer Jersey, Serbia 10/11 Away Soccer Jersey, South Korea 10/11 Away Soccer Jersey & Slovenia 10/11 Away Soccer Jersey. The products pictured (as well as many more we could not include)

In case you haven't heard, for the first time, all of Nike’s national teams, including Brazil, Portugal and USA, will wear jerseys made entirely from recycled polyester, each one produced from up to eight recycled plastic bottles.

“This summer in South Africa Nike will give footballers an edge by providing the newest and most innovative product for the game’s greatest players,” said Charlie Denson, President, Nike Brand. “With today’s announcement, we are equipping athletes with newly designed uniforms that not only look great and deliver performance benefits, but are also made with recycled materials, creating less impact on our environment.”

To make the 2010 national team kits, Nike’s fabric suppliers sourced discarded plastic bottles from Japanese and Taiwanese landfill sites and then melted them down to produce new yarn that was ultimately converted to fabric for the jerseys.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nike 2010 Federation Kit Launch

Time for Show & Tell - not sell. This is a most unusual blog, something we've never done before. All we can do is show the brand new Nike federation launches. We must wait 24 hours to make them available.

Nike has officially released the following key products for their World Cup 2010 federations:

Brazil 10/11 Home/Away Soccer Kits
USA, Netherlands, Portugal, Australia, Serbia & Slovenia 10/11 Away Soccer Kits. The products pictured (as well as many more we could not include) will be ready for pre-order on 2/26.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nike Mercurial Football Boots

Nike has just rolled out the latest Mercurial football boots:

We are happy to show you the

Vapor VI & Superfly II

About the Superfly II


Pressure-activated studs in the forefoot adapt to provide superior grip and instant acceleration on all field conditions.


Flywire technology in soccer-specific cabling pattern delivers precise fit and optimal support.


The carbon fiber composite plate – the lightest and strongest chassis ever made by Nike – reacts instantly to your demands for speed.


Strategically configured blades offer the perfect footing for quick cutting in all directions.


Inspired by track spikes, for an extra burst of speed.

About the Vapor VI


A lightweight, micro-fiber synthetic upper provides a snug, secure fit while providing maximum support.


A super-light, super-strong glass fiber composite plate reacts instantly to your demands for speed.


Strategically configured blades offer the perfect footing for quick cutting in all directions.


Inspired by track spikes, for an extra burst of speed.

This is just a show & tell: we can tease you by flaunting the images, but we can't offer them for pre-order just yet. The launch is 3/22, but keep checking as they can become available early!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ireland 10/11 Home Soccer Jersey

With St. Patrick's Day just 30 days away, we are glad to introduce

The Official Umbro Ireland 10/11 Home Soccer Jersey!

Call it an Extreme Makeover, as the new shirt now features a darker shade of green or ‘St Patrick's Green', a new version of the FAI crest trimmed in gold, gold seam detail, and a new anatomical design which brings together performance and style.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mexico 10/11 Away Soccer Jersey

The Mexican National Team just revealed their new away jersey. This means that Carlos Vela, Giovanni Dos Santos and the rest of El Tricolor are now ready to participate in the greatest competition in World Soccer - the FIFA World Cup 2010 - in South Africa.

Official adidas México 10/11 Away Soccer Jersey!

Unlike anything El Tri have ever worn, this unique new shirt is black, with green underarm panels, red and white collar and a neat sublimated diamond pattern on the front and back. MEXICO is on the back of the collar.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Argentina 10/11 Away Soccer Jersey

They don't have to leave just yet, but the Albicelestes are now ready to travel to South Africa, as they've just revealed their

Official adidas Argentina 10/11 Away Soccer Jersey!

The royal blue shirt with the white collar and sleeve trim is an homage to the one the team donned in Mexico '86, where a certain #10 had a divinely-inspired goal to beat the Lions.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

England 10/11 Away Soccer Shirt

Last year England and Umbro launched the historic home 'tailored' shirt - it's such a great shirt they'll keep it around for World Cup 2010.

Not only that, Umbro has topped itself by creating the brand new

Official Umbro England 10/11 Away Soccer Shirt!

Unlike the home shirt, the away shirt is made up of three distinct panels consisting of different technical fabrics, each one aimed at providing players with the best possible advantage:

1. The front panel of the shirt is designed for comfort and therefore contains a high cotton content. It also features a sloping neck to increase ventilation to the player’s body.
2. The back and side fabric includes a mesh to help ventilation and to take moisture away from the player’s skin.
3. The sleeves, inspired by the 1966 England kit, have a high elastane content which allows maximum player movement.

While the new away shirt was certainly inspired by the 1966 red Aztec shirt worn by England, this contemporary shirt is very much designed for the modern footballer. The critically acclaimed conceptual designer and artist, Aitor Throup, designed the new away kit. Aitor is a Creative Consultant to Umbro and he wanted to make the players as comfortable as possible, so they can concentrate on what’s important: winning football matches. To that end, the England away kit is full of small yet significant touches, such as the diagonal, spiralling seam of the sleeve and the ergonomic shape of the shorts which avoids any disruption during movement.

There are also plenty of subtle, stylish elements to the kit – the clean white soles of the red socks, and the differing shades of red used to mark out the different panels on the shirt. “We didn’t want to design another concept just for the sake of it”, Aitor stated. “If you look at the ’66 shirt, there’s a real design restraint to it all. If you take that approach, but on a modern form, you can get to some really new and interesting places.”

Through individual fitting sessions with the England team, Umbro were able to create a bespoke, smart fit for each player. Both the team and Capello are pleased with the result.

“The new England kit perfectly compliments my vision for the England team featuring a blend of performance, determination and pride. Umbro’s approach to English football tailoring has created a smart kit that the players will feel confident wearing in South Africa” said England manager Fabio Capello.

Monday, February 8, 2010

2010 adidas Champions League Line

Here they are. The new line of adidas Champions League boots. This year they are going with a red, white, blue and gold color scheme. I'd like to think that they did that so that the US Internationals would have a good boot to match their kits for the World Cup, but I'm sure that's not it.

First up, Predator:

These are really just another color of the Predator X design. But it must be said that these are a very good-looking colorway. The predominately blue upper has a bit of a shine without being overly flashy. The red accents are just enough to stand out but remain understated. Also, a gold Champions League logo can be found on the heel of the insole. All in all, these are the same quality that you'd expect from a Predator in a classy new color.

Next, adiPURE:

Again, these are another color of the adiPURE III boot from adidas. Sticking with the theme of both the classic look of the adiPURE line and the color scheme for Champions League, this colorway is mostly white with blue accents. Then the gold stitching gives the perfect finishing touch to a classic look for a quality design.

Finally, the F50 TUNIT:

This boot is the brightest of the bunch by a longshot. The upper is a bright red with gold accents, including the pattern overlay on most of the boot. You will get noticed in these boots, no doubt. As with all the other Tunits, the boot is fully customizable and the start kit comes with FG, SG, and HG studs and comes in a very nice box to keep it all together.

Friday, February 5, 2010

PUMA PWR-C 1.10 FG Soccer Boots in Black/White/Wild Lime

History in the making

We are proud to welcome the Power Cat


PUMA PWR-C 1.10 Firm Ground Soccer Boots in Black/White/Wild Lime

arrived at our lair a few days ago, and it was a truly monumental experience for us. Being that we're in the biz of providing the best gear in WORLD SOCCER, we're pretty stoked, psyched and all around giddy over our newest feline friend.

PUMA is going heavy on power, hence the newest line of PWR-C products already here and forthcoming.

Power.10 Football Boots

The new PowerCat 1.10 statement boot heads up PUMA's new Power concept silo, replacing Protection and v-Konstrukt. The primary benefit and design feature of the PowerCat is the new ‘PowerGil Technology.’ Inspired by the ruthless attitude of the white shark, this feature enhances your kicking power by putting extra power behind the ball as it is released. The material mix on the upper – using a combination of soft thin kangaroo leather in the vamp with synthetic microfiber around the heel area – keeps the weight down to boost control and touch as well as deliver a very comfortable product for the top level player.

In addition to the major technical benefits, the PowerCat also represents a major PUMA Football milestone as it is the first strategic football footwear introduction since 1958 not carrying the trademark PUMA Formstrip. The PowerCat uses PUMA Cat branding on the medial and lateral side. PUMA ran several camera tests in stadiums in the last six months to ensure that this product delivers on both shelf appeal and on-pitch visibility.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Romania 10/11 Home Soccer Jersey (Red)

Yes - red

Though we had our doubts, some of the bulletin board material appears to confirm that this is indeed the

Official adidas Romania National 10/11 Home Soccer Jersey!

Red is one of the Tricolorii (three colors) on the flag; thus, even the most skeptical Romania fan will accept the change. As far as we know, this is unprecedented for a national team.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Everton 09/10 DONOVAN 9 Home Soccer Jersey

The USA's #1 soccer star - Landon Donovan - will be spending the next few months playing for one of the Premier League's top clubs, alongside Team USA teammate, Tim Howard. Playing in one of the best leagues in World Soccer can only help Landon, just in time for this summer's games. We're celebrating his big move by offering the

Official Le Coq Sportif Everton 09/10 DONOVAN Home Soccer Jersey!

Donovan will surely shine at Goodison Park and help the Toffees move up in the Premier League table, and this is the shirt he will defend!

This is the first Le Coq Sportif shirt, with the white 'v', reminiscent of the kit worn by the likes of Graeme Sharp, Kevin Ratcliffe, Peter Reid and Andy Gray almost 25 years ago, as the Toffees powered to league and European success in 1984/85.

Ours features DONOVAN 9 on the back, with authentic Barclays Premier League letters/numbers and league patches on both sleeves.