Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Winners & Losers in Big Draws

I've got to start this post with Chelsea, not only because of the big match yesterday at Anfield versus English giants, Liverpool, but because there's something big happening at Chelsea this Friday, April 25th. It all ties in quite nicely, I think.

The Blues somehow managed to eek out a 1 - 1 draw with nothing left on the clock, after more than the 90 minutes and the normal stoppage time, after a baffling play by Liverpool's Riise, who scored what could end up being the biggest goal in Chelsea's history. We'll see next week if they can take the slim away goal advantage and capitalize on it, home at Stamford Bridge, where they've seldom tasted defeat. The only question is will they wear the brand-spanking new home jerseys unveiling Friday, April 25th, and which YOU could get at the If not, they'll most likely wear the one they've been sporting for nigh on two seasons. Either way, you can't go wrong! You could be the first Blues fan on your block to have the new jersey, and having seen it already, you're going to really like it. It has a new collar design, which is a bit retro and a bit modern at the same time--that's really all I can say; maybe I've said too much. If you want to buy the current jersey, it's a good time for it as it's selling for just $50 bucks! Just click on the link

Possession is 9/10 of the law, but Manchester United and Barcelona didn't battle in a courtroom, they did it at the hallowed Nou Camp, or Camp Nou? (I get the name mixed up). Whatever you call it, the Blaugrana appeared to have control of the ball the whole time, something like 65/35% difference, yet they could not score. Yet, the sure-footed Cristiano Ronaldo missed a gift when his penalty kick sailed to the right of the net, grazing the post as it flopped around the pitch, as thousands exhaled. So, maybe Barcelona escaped unscathed, or Man U's got them right where they want them. Hard to see Barcelona managing to score at Old Trafford next week. One thing's for sure: Manchester United won't be wearing their white Third Jerseys, thankfully, since we don't have any. They'll surely wear their traditional red jerseys with the white back stripe, and which you could pre-order here Since we'll be supplying the official Manchester United and FC Barcelona USA stores, I can't root for either one, and I'll talk more about them both next week.

In the meantime, there's plenty of soccer happening tomorrow with the UEFA Cup, and the top leagues in Europe, and everywhere else. For news on any of these, hech out Soccer365

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