Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Big Day in Soccer

There's so much going on today, can't wait to see the Man U/Barcelona match, and I have to discuss the scintillating game yesterday at Merseyside. I hope to post some stuff later; in the meantime, here’s something special from one of our very own, a member of our team. Her name’s Jill Porto and she’s an attacking midfielder for the Atlanta Silverbacks (W League), formerly of UAB (Birmingham, Alabama). She’s taken the time to check out some of our wonderful products first-hand and has written some pretty awesome reviews, so good I have to share them and post them here. Surely once you read them you’ll have to buy the products, so get ready:

USA 08/09 SS Away Soccer Jersey

This is a very simplistic, not too flashy jersey. For the most part, it has fairly neutral colors with a base of a charcoal grey along with light grey and red bands around the ends of the sleeve and a red band around the back of the neckline. The neckline also has a stretchy fabric in the back so it’s easier to put on and take off. Some jersey’s necklines are stiff and really hard to squeeze over you head. I like how the U.S. logo can be clearly picked out of the shirt. Some national jersey’s have so much going on in the jersey that you cannot tell which national team it’s representing. This jersey’s focal point is the U.S. soccer logo and it is noticeably defined. I like the authentic touch it has around the inside of the neckline which has a statement written in cursive surrounded by a strip of stars on one side and stripes on the other that reads “Don’t Tread on Me”. This phrase was seen on some past flags of the United States and its apart of Nike’s “Don’t Tread on Me” campaign which began in 2005. I would say the only negative aspect of the jersey is it’s fairly “heavy” and not as light as other jersey’s I’ve worn. Other than that, it’s a simple jersey that screams U.S. Soccer!

France 07-09 Training Suit

This track suit is great for leisure/casual wear or if you want to warm-up in style before a big game. The jacket is full-zip to put on and take off easily. I am always a fan of zippered pockets, because I can’t stand putting something in a pocket that you’re not able to zip and have to worry about it falling out. The jacket and pants have zippered pockets, so no more worries! I like the classic three stripes down the full length of the arms and down the pants as well. The embroidered France team badge on the pants and jacket is very clean-cut and distinct. I’m not a fan of the flip back collar, so I like the short collar. I also like the ribbed cuffs on the jacket for a better fit. The overall fit of the jacket is great. The pull tabs at the bottom of the jacket are great too, because I personally don’t like when my jackets flares out. I like to have the bottom fitted. So the jacket is made for the preferred fitter’s and non-fitters. The pants have unique breathable fabric on the inside of the legs from about the knees down. There are two things I don’t like a bout the track suit. I’m not a fan of the “netted” insides of track suits. Also, the bottom of the pants have a zipper, however, it doesn’t open up all the way. It would be hard to take your pants off if you had cleats on. Don’t you hate when you’re trying to take your pants off and you get stuck and almost fall over! Well maybe not, but that happens to me. But if you’re just wearing it for leisure wear then you would be ok. Overall, this is a flashy suit to show off and represent your favorite national team.

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