Tuesday, April 22, 2008

5 Things that Liverpool & Chelsea have in common

Okay, our initial blog received such overwhelming positive response that we’ve decided to do another one. But only because there’s so many exciting things going on in the world of soccer, that to not mention them would be worthy of a red card, and since I don’t want to leave my team with just 10, and miss the next match (or work day), well, here’s your daily allotment of soccer-worthy nutrition—all you need to get you through this English, um, European match day.

5 Things that Liverpool & Chelsea have in common:

If we got really exact, this list would be quite long, like both playing in the Premier League for the whole 16 seasons, both have foreign owners and coaches bla, bla, bla, yada, yada, yada. This isn’t Wikipedia.

1. Playing in the UEFA Champions League semifinals today (1:45 CT)

2. Both sponsored by adidas

Being that adidas is the official UEFA sponsor, they have their very own Champions League soccer balls. Check them out below -

Chelsea: http://www.worldsoccershop.com/shop-by-league-champions-league-chelsea-fc-chelsea-fc-finale-glider-soccer-ball.html

Liverpool: http://www.worldsoccershop.com/shop-by-league-champions-league-liverpool-fc-liverpool-finale-glider-soccer-ball.html

Both quality balls feature 32 panels of machine-stitched soft PU covers with butyl bladders for extended air retention.

3. Both have worn the same shirt for two seasons (phew) and will have new ones soon (see tomorrow’s blog for info on the Chelsea jersey coming out this Friday)

The first leg of this Clash of English Titans is at Anfield, where Liverpool is tough to beat, thus Chelsea will most likely be wearing their eye-popping, bright-as-the-sun yellow away jerseys: http://www.worldsoccershop.com/shop-by-league-champions-league-chelsea-fc-chelsea-07-08-away-soccer-jersey.html This design, and color, stirred up quite a bit of uproar from Blues fans across the message boards. But the shirt persisted, burrowing its way into their collective consciousness and the shirt sold rather well after all. With the advanced ClimaCool fabric, this shirt will keep you feeling fresh, regardless of what the obnoxious color does to you. It’s not on sale yet being that we don’t yet know when they’re getting a new away strip, but with all the personalization options – authentic letters/numbers/Premiership and Champions League badges – it’s a Must Have for any TRUE Blues fan!

The Reds will likely be wearing their home jerseys http://www.worldsoccershop.com/shop-by-league-champions-league-liverpool-fc-liverpool-07-08-home-soccer-jersey.html. I particularly dig this shirt, the way the white piping lines morphs into the upturned collar—quite an ingenious design; maybe that’s why they kept it for two seasons. We also happen to have some pre-made Fernando Torres (heard of him?), and Stevie G jerseys, with all the bells and whistles, plus a great selection of other Liverpool players’ jerseys to choose from. Yes, even Crouch.

4. Both have plenty of products on the World Soccer Shop front page http://www.worldsoccershop.com/

5. I really struggled to find this one, but I think it fits pretty nicely: Both Liverpool and Chelsea will be hoping to kick this ball around – The Adidas 2008 Finale Moscow Match Soccer Ball http://www.worldsoccershop.com/shop-by-league-champions-league-champions-league-adidas-2008-finale-moscow-match-soccer-ball.html

This authentic tournament match ball features thermal bonding technology for a straight flight and minimal water uptake, a soft, smooth consistent PU cover ideal for match play in all weather and field conditions, and a latex bladder. It’s approved by FIFA, and of course includes adidas, UEFA Champions League and Finale Moscow 2008 logos all over. If you can’t afford the $130 bucks, as I can’t, you can get the cool $29.99 replica version: http://www.worldsoccershop.com/shop-by-league-champions-league-champions-league-adidas-2008-finale-sportivo-moscow-soccer-ball.html

So cheer on your team, whoever they are, with authentic soccer gear from the best soccer shop in all the land – World Soccer Shop

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