Friday, April 3, 2009

Official Review: England Home Shirt

We're always striving for doing new things at World Soccer Shop. That's why when we saw the new The Official England National Team 09/11 Home Soccer Shirt by Umbro, we decided we just had to do something uniquely special for it.

and here it is!

In case you want to skip all this and just buy the shirt

This is the first ever product review blog where someone other than myself, in fact four distinguished gentlemen, wore the shirts, and were gracious enough to allow us to photograph them doing so. As handsome as they all are, these men aren't models, and thus we thank them even more for taking the time to do this.

Okay - truth be told, these guys all work here and had a blast taking these pictures, and getting out of their everyday duties for a while, inasmuch as there are everyday duties here - where every day is a new soccer adventure!

Sorry ladies, three out of four of them are spoken for … the “models” that is. You can get all the shirts you want.

So, enough pre-amble: to the shirt!

Upon first seeing it, you understand why Umbro was so intent on calling it 'shirt' and not the usual 'jersey'. It is indeed more of a typical shirt, than a jersey, that is until you wear it.

A few of our aforementioned "models" actually want to shell out their hard-earned $ to get one of these awesomely-tailored creations. One of these beautiful devils actually said “Despite being a supremely cheap bastard, I could ALMOST justify spending the money on it. Almost.”

High praise indeed.

The guys who actually wore it had some great things to say about the new England shirt; sadly not having a photographic memory, I did not capture it all but will try to sum it up in one simple—like the shirt itself-paragraph.

The shirt is unique, insofar as it looks like a regular polo-style shirt, the kind you see everywhere in the casual business world. But looks can be deceiving, and this shirt does it. The exterior material of the shirt has a soft, cottony like feel to it, while remaining supremely light. The inside has the feel of a modern jersey, moisture-wicking fabric and some vents on the back and underarms.

Brad said it best: “The design is classic, subtle and stated.”

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