Thursday, April 9, 2009

Customer Review: The Greatest Premiership Game Ever

As soon as I saw this review, I knew I had to put it up, as it shows some serious football passion. I think you will agree.

The product is Liverpool FC The Greatest Premiership Game Ever DVD
, as is pictured. You can read it by clicking on the product link, which will no doubt prompt you to buy it immediately (we can only hope).

The review was submitted by André Tafferal (Plattsburgh NY, USA)and his title was: immeasurably thrilling, off-my-chair-stand-up-and-yell exciting

"I can only hope to secure the funds in the very near future to purchase this extraordinary item. My teen-aged daughter, who viewed fúbol as, at best, an obsession specific to me, was so intri- gued by this extraordinary match that she found herself standing and cheering as well as I. After Faustino's third goal, she was in utter disbelief that any game her "old man" could have such a passion for was so unbelievably tension-filled and exciting. She did like Robbie Fowler in particular (as did I; and she even was extremely disappointed when LIVERPOOL let him go), and when he scrambled so incredibly fast and determined to score that joyous extra time marker, she screamed and yelled above even my level. Obviously, I am a monster LIVERPOOL fan (have been since 1966), but, on this occasion, my daughter realized the passion involved with the game of games, the beautiful game. This match was highly unusual, yet contained every element germaine to this wonderful sport: skill, endurance, heart!, psychogy (LIVERPOOL'S "relax- ing" at the beginning of the second half with its 3-0 lead going in, and its subsequent "re- gathering" of resolve), and Faustino's determina-tion to display his worthiness to be a permanent member of Newcastle's starting 11 in front of all to see (and my hope, to the embarassment of the NU staff who never gave him the credit he deserved). I mention all worthy effort[s], teams, players, coaches, fans, referees, as it is the GAME that I love so dearly as well as, or as much as any favorite team or player. Any exertion which does honor to the game, the game's spirit, and the passion of the "immersed" receives my applause and adds to my happines that I found THE game early enough to achieve that nirvana we lovers of football all possess. And cling to. Thank you for this opportunity to express this sentiment, and to share my emotions and pleasure that this match was chosen as the greatest of the Premier League era."

Thank you André Tafferal for sending this. You are quite the scribe. To anyone reading this, please send reviews of anything you've bought here or anything at all. We want to know your thoughts, feelings, everything. Soon we will open up a fan zone or something similar to give YOU the chance to sound off, as we know you love to do.


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