Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jozy Magic Lifts US Over T & T

and we were there!

The USA Men's National Soccer Team played a key South Africa 2010 qualifying match Wednesday night in Nashville. As we did last time Team USA played nearby, which was in '06, we took a crew out there to check it out.

This time, the stakes were higher

We arrived at LP Field a couple hours early for tailgating, um, reviewing business opportunities and market reasearch - that's it. The crowds streaming in were impressive, but none more so than the fans of the Trinidad & Tobago National Soccer Team, some of who were decked out in some Socca Warrior tribal plummage, which was fun to watch, and be around. These were the same ones that kep rattling the maracas throughout the entire match, even when it was looking rather hopeless for their side, which was 13 minutes into the game, when #17 scored.

Jozy Altidore may not be a magician but he had himself a scintillating hat-trick Wednesday night, as a captivated crowd of over 27 K (the largest ever to attend a US match in Tennessee) roared and thrilled each electrifying moment.

I know I speak for the rest of the gang who made the three-hour trek to the beautiful city of Nashville to cheer on Team USA, when I say, you just got to see the US National Team live, especially for an important CONCACAF World Cup 2010 qualifier. Even a casual soccer fan, or any fan of anything, would revel at the sheer enjoyment of cheering on your Nation, supporting your country - and whenever possible, wearing your colors!

Images courtsesy of Craig Justice

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