Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Product Alert: Aston Villa 08/09 Away Jersey

I just got my Brand New Aston Villa 08/09 Away Jersey. This NikeFIT jersey is very good looking. The teal they used for the main portion of the jersey is a beautiful color, and contrasts nicely with the black on the sleeves and collar. Despite having such a different color scheme, the jersey is surprisingly subtle. This gives the jersey a very classic look. Also, the "acorns" sponsor logo is just subtle enough to keep from overpowering the shirt. Last but not least, there is a nice little piece on the inside of the neck that says "Proud History * Bright Future". A nice touch for a nice jersey. The only small issue that I have with the shirt is that the badge clashes a bit with the rest of the shirt (but it would be silly to change the color of your club badge to match the rest of your jersey, right?). But overall this is a very classy jersey that I will definitely be sporting on matchday (like today).

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