Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Blues in Town?

We just got our sample of the Manchester United Third Shirt down in Birmingham and decided to give you a little insight into the jersey that Ronaldo, Rooney, and new signing Berbatov will be wearing as the 'Red' Devils try to make their way to Rome for a return to the Champions League Final.

This blue jersey is a tribute to United's European Cup win in 1968 in which they donned blue kits. Therefore, this kit features embroidery around the badge and a throwback badge in the collar as evidence.

Aside from what you can read on United's website, the kit is very plain (surely because the '68 kits were very plain). But to be clear, this is not a 'throwback' jersey and is definitely more of a 'commemorative' jersey. So the 'AIG' logo is still on the shirt and the badge used on the front is the current logo. Also, to make sure that the likes of Tevez and Evra are in peak playing condition, the materials used for this shirt are far from the materials used in '68. The NikeFIT material feels great.

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