Monday, December 28, 2009

Italy King Limited Edition Soccer Ball

Once in a while we get a product that's truly worth talking about. Not because it has the latest technology or it shows the coolest new style. Sometimes there are unique products that once a real fan sees it, he/she understands it is a "must have". Here is such an item:

The Official Italy National Team King Limited Edition Soccer Ball by PUMA

Honor Italy's illustrious soccer heritage with this limited edition ball. It honors the past with its hand-crafted full-grain leather construction. The ball also pays tribute to Italy's current soccer glory and future with the gold foil signatures of Italy's 2008/2009 national team players. It comes with a wooden display stand and commemorative bag making it a great gift for fans of the Azzurri.

We have less than 200 in stock and at this special price, it's a great buy!

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