Friday, May 30, 2008

Tricks Aren't Just for Kids

Today is pretty big for soccer. No, there are no big games to speak of, and that I know of C. Ronaldo hasn't gone from Red Devil to Merengue just yet. So, why is it so big today, so important that I even bother to wirte today, from home no less?

The new Puma Tricks are out!

Check 'em out here:

Cool, huh? Oh yes. These are boots you could fly in, like Samuel Eto'o does in that super cool ad.

Here's a little info about this superb new style of an already speedy boot:

It's called the The v1.08 i Tricks Firm Ground Boots from Puma (Black/Dark Shadow/Barely Blue) sporting the supercool skeleton design -

It's called the Tricks but you'll feel like it's a Treat when you lace into these amazing boots! Made with a durable textile and microfiber upper with a grip texture for shot-shaping power, TPU-injected external heel counter, the outsole extends up over the toe for added durability, and inner chassis with carbon fiber and double density TPU; with 2-piece TPU outsole plate with point stud configuration for an awesome game on firm, natural surfaces, and lastly, but not leastly, weighing in at a mere 7.6 oz, it'll almost be like playing in bare feet, except your feet will never look this good!

These great boots would do better if Eto'o had won the Champions League, but let's keep in mind he has already won one. And now, he gets to play in the new Tricks boots.

Coming up in the next few issues I'll be taking a closer look at the boots for the Euro 2008 - the adidas Country TUNITS and the Nike E8 line of Vapors, Legends and Lasers. So, stay tuned for all the footy fun!

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