Saturday, May 17, 2008

Personalize your Euro

Not all teams are created equal, even as 16 top European federations get ready to battle it out for the prestigious trophy, only a few offer a full array of authentic personalization options to you – their loyal fan, and customer.
Here’s a list of what World Soccer Shop has, as far as Home/Away soccer jersey customizations. We’ll go in alphabetical order so as not to pretend we’re favoring one team over the other:


Just like the stores in Paris, the France National Soccer Team has a ton of amazing gear from adidas to choose from. Plus, when it comes to customization, they’ve got it good. If you want the authentic letters/numbers for Henry, Ribery, Evra, Vieira or Smith or Jones, you could get it, for a few $s more and a few extra days, but as you could see from some of the jersets on this page – it’s well worth it!

Germany -

The Deutschland is always a contender for every soccer competition, therefore it’s no surprise that the Germany national soccer team has adidas making lots and lots of products for their great fans. Ballack, Klose, Podolski, these are just a few of the names you could get on your official Germany home/away soccer jersey, and be kitted out before the first match kicks off.
Greece -

I’ll bet that before the Euro 2004 began there wasn’t this much Greek soccer gear around; now, the Cinderella champions of ’04 have a selection of products to rival the big boys like Germany and France. I’m sorry to say I can’t even name one player from the Greek team, and I won’t go to Wikipedia right now; so, if you don’t know the players too well, then go the vain route and get your own name and number on the back of these super cool Greece soccer jerseys!

Holland (or Netherlands) -

The creators of Total Football are hoping to add another Euro Cup to go alongside their 1988 trophy; they’ve got some great players to do it: Van Nistelrooy, Sneijder, Van Persie, Kuyt and more. Wear the authentic letters/numbers of your favorite Dutch star – or your own – and get ready for the Euro action in Oranje Style!

Italy -

Pirlo, Cannavaro, Gattuso, Toni and even Totti, those are the authentic names you could get screened on the backs of your Azzurri soccer jerseys. Plus, Italy has a huge page-full of great products to make your Euro more exciting.

Portugal -

Cristiano Ronaldo. Will anyone wear another name on the back of the Portugal soccer jersey? That’s about the only question you could ask, for as long as number 17 is on the field, the Portuguese side has a great chance to win big in Austria/Switzerland this June. Gear up to cheer them on with some top notch Portugal soccer products.

Spain -

Last but certainly not least, Spain comes into the tournament with their usual level of high hopes and star-studded lineup. Consequently, you can get any authentic letter of the alphabet on the official Spain home or away soccer jersey. That’s not all, adidas offers training tops, jackets, balls, t-shirts, and then some, to properly root for La Furia Roja. ¡Arriba EspaƱa!
So much for being unbiased.

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