Monday, January 25, 2010

adidas Jabulani 2010 MLS Match Soccer Ball

Jabulani means 'to celebrate', thus it was only fitting that adidas use the Zulu name on their official league soccer balls.

So, we give you the

Official adidas Jabulani 2010 MLS Match Soccer Ball!

About the Ball

The Major League Soccer ball features the same new technology and radical design as the adidas "JABULANI" - the Official Match Ball for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.

adidas has been the provider of MLS match balls since 2006, consistently keeping with the blue, green and silver color scheme highlighted in the MLS logo.


The newly-developed "Grip'n'Groove" profile offers an exceptionally stable flight and perfect grip for all weather conditions. Comprised of only eight completely new, thermally bonded 3-D panels, which for the first time are spherically molded, make the ball perfectly round and the most accurate soccer ball ever.

3-D Panel Shapes

The Official adidas MLS Match Ball also features a completely new, ground-breaking technology: Eight 3-D spherically-formed EVA and TPU panels are molded together, harmoniously enveloping the inner carcass. The result is an energetic unit combined with perfect roundness. Players all over world soccer are enthusiastic about the design and are promising lots of goals with this new ball.

Aero Grooves

Aero grooves create the clearly visible profile on the ball's surface. The Grip'n'Groove profile circles round the entire ball in an optimal aerodynamic way. The integrated grooves provide unmatched flight characteristics, making this the most stable and most accurate adidas ball ever. The ground-breaking performance features of the ball have been confirmed in comprehensive comparison tests at Loughborough University in England and countless checks in the wind tunnel and the adidas football laboratory in Scheinfeld, Germany.


Since the introduction of the "goose bumps" surface for the last European Championship ball, the 'microtexture' of the new ball's outer skin has also been given a visible face-lift. The ball has a futuristic texture with fantastic grip, giving players full control over the ball under all weather conditions.

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