Monday, October 19, 2009

adidas World Cup Soccer Ball Collection

Have you been to every FIFA World Cup since 1970? If yes, then maybe you already own an official match ball from each one of those 10 World Cup tournaments. We commend you super soccer collector!

For anyone else who did not attend, but would still love to own a piece of such soccer history, we are excited to offer the

The Official adidas Historical World Cup Soccer Ball Set of 10!

adidas has recreated every official FIFA World Cup ball since 1970 to celebrate the 2010 FIFA World Cup. This special package contains all 10 of those legendary match balls. (1970-2006)

Each comes with its own ring stand commemorating the year in which it was used. Also included in the package will be a ring for your official 2010 adidas FIFA World Cup Ball.

Each regulation size ball is constructed just as the original was made - with the exact materials and manufacturing technique. This means each ball in the collection is identical to the original for that given year.

Note: the World Cup 2010 Official Soccer Match Ball! is not included in set.

However, the adidas World Cup 2010 Official Soccer Match Ball is now available for Pre Order!

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