Thursday, July 23, 2009

World Football Challenge in Atlanta

One of the biggest clubs in World Soccer - AC Milan played Club América last night in a World Football Challenge match in Atlanta, Georgia.

Through our partnership with one of the club, and the fact it's only a few ours away from our Birmingham, Alabama offices, the blog team ventured out to the Georgia Dome to check things out, and give our friends at AC Milan a hand in getting the word out. Despite the fierce mosquitoes, we spent a few hours at the tent (pictured) getting to know some pretty cool football and fútbol fans (one in particular we just had to photograph) as both fans of Milan and América were there well before the match.

The match was fantastic, and we had some pretty good seats (we could even hear the ball hitting the players, or vice-versa; though the vuvuzuelas (fancy word for extremely loud and obnoxious horns) right behind me were ear-splitting. It was great to see so many soccer fans fill the huge dome, nearly to capacity, as the attendance was over 50,000.

In our humble estimation, the crowd was fairly evenly split between Rossoneri & Aguilas fans, though, the Club America fans were more vociferous, as just about every time their team had the ball, they'd chant 'Aguilas, Aguilas', or 'Ole, Ole, Ole!' They were quite pleased when the match ended and their side was ahead, though everyone loudly cheered for the Man of the Match: Milan's famous #80: Ronaldinho.

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