Monday, January 5, 2009

Juventus Training Jersey in High Demand (Apparently)

The Juventus Head Equipment Manager was arrested this week for stealing more than 2,000 of the pictured training tops. Adrian Roberto Oliva was caught smuggling the tops to Spain and selling them on the black market (note that none of the tops sold on our sites were obtained via the aforementioned black market). According to The Mail Online, he was getting £160 apiece for these babies, but you can get them for a steal (wink wink) at for only $54.99.

[The Mail Online via Deadspin]

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Anna Italia said...

Juventus is one of the most popular Italian Serie A clubs worlwide. Surely, the demand for Juventus gear, including jerseys is high. It's a sad news to see Juventus Head Equipment manager Adrian Roberto Oliva stealing them for black market.

Anna Italia
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