Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Ajax Amsterdam Jersey Gets Launched In The Streets

For the launch of their new Home Jersey, Ajax Amsterdam and adidas took it to the streets. They had a referee call an imaginary match in the middle of a busy street in Amsterdam in front of an ever-growing crowd. At the end of the 'match', a group of about 200 men circled around the referee and began removing their shirts to reveal that they had been wearing the all new Ajax home jersey. And what do all good victorious footballers do after a hard-fought match? They exchange jerseys of course:

Also, with the launch of the new Ajax Home Jersey, a new kit sponsor was revealed. Ajax signed a seven year deal worth €10-€12 million with the life insurance and pension group, Aegeon. This definitely makes this new shirt unique as many fans are used to the trademark vertical sponsor logo of ABN AMRO.


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